Applying for a Learner Driving License in Florida

Following are the requirements of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) for a Learner Driver License in the state of Florida:

  • Age: In order to earn a Florida Learner License, the applicant must be at least 15 years old.
  • Visit a DHSMV office, complete and submit an original application form (Only an original form will be accepted). The information required include the Social Security Number and the signature of your parents or guardians on this application.
  • You must have completed theTraffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course. This requirement is not needed if you have a license from any state or country approved for the DHSMV.
  • Fill the Parental Consent Form. This form must be signed for at least one of your parents or legal guardians in the DHSMV office, in the presence of the examiner officer. This form could be notarized if parents or guardians are not present.
  • Applicants must present birth certificate (original or certified copy) or United States Passport. The information required includes proof of the Social Security Number. Additional documents and certificates may be required to verify incomplete names, date of birth and conflicting information.
  • You must present a valid proof of your Florida residency and a proof of residential address (as your home telephone bill, home utility bill, cable bill, etc).
  • Stamp a thumb print
  • Have your photo taken
  • Pass a vision exam.
  • Pass a hearing test
  • Pass a DHSMV written exam. You must have correct at least 15 of 20 questions about Traffic Signals and at least 15 of 20 questions right about Road Rules. The test is based in the traffic laws, signals and rules of the road of the Florida Driver's Handbook, available in this page.
  • Pay for the exams.

Use the following link to find a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) office near to your home in Florida:

Florida - DMV Offices Locator

Florida Driver's License: How to Pass the Written Test

In order to earn your Florida Learner License, you must pass a DHSMV written exam about road rules and traffic signals. You must have correct at least 15 of 20 questions about traffic signals. Also you must have correct at least 15 of 20 questions about road rules.

1. RULES TEST: Applicants should distinguish between the different Florida laws regarding alcohol related laws, liability insurance laws, implied consent laws and right of pedestrians. They must know the penalties related with these laws, if any are violated. Applicants must be familiar with the steps involved normal driving procedures as changing lanes, parking, distances, right of way and different rules regarding speed limits, driving in highway, etc. They also must identify the proper procedure to following, in case of accident and emergencies.

2. SIGNALS TEST: Applicants should be able to recognize and act according to the different traffic signals used in Florida and USA.They must to know and differentiate the meaning of the sharps and the colors of the signs found in Florida.(there are signs to inform, signs for guide, sign that warn of hazards and signs to regulate traffic). Also, applicants must understand the proper use of the pavement markings on streets and highways and know what to do and what the driver is allow to doing

Practice makes perfect. Use our professional Practice Exams to ensure you know what to expect during the real FLORIDA DHSMV Driving Permit Exam.

This practice exam about TRAFFIC SIGNALS consists of 100 multiple choice questions & answers, including the 100 most popular traffic signals used in Florida and USA. Time limit: 90 minutes. Password: Florida111

Start Exam #1

This practice exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions & answers about the Florida Driver Handbook, Rules of the Road and Traffic Signs. Our Practice Exams are based on authentic Florida DHSMV permit test required for teen students under 18. The test were created re-writing actual DHSMV Permit test questions and format. Time limit: 60 minutes. Password: Florida222

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Tired of looking for the official Florida Driver's Handbook? Look no further! Below is the free online version of the latest Florida drivers manual you will find useful when studying for your Florida DHSMV Test. This DHSMV Florida Driver's Handbook is identical to the one available on the Florida DHSMV website, so you can be sure it’s up-to-date and completely legit. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, this Florida DHSMV manual may take some time to load, so please be patient and give it a few moments. The Florida Florida Driver's Handbook will help you understand the basics of driving in Florida and USA. Good luck!

Read here the Official Florida Drivers Handbook (updated 2013)

Florida Driver Handbook - Permit Exam

* You can also Download to your PC the Official Florida Drivers Handbook (PDF file)


3 Practice Exams- 220 New Questions  - Florida

Practice Exam #3 Practice Exam #4 Practice Exam #5

The Practice Permit Tests #3, #4 and #5 are similar to the sample Practice Exam #2 (see above). They have been designed according with the DHSMV Florida Driver's Handbook. All the content areas are covered in these practice mock exams, providing you with a picture of what you need to brush up on before taking the actual DHSMV exam. They are the best way to prepare for your actual Driving Permit Exam in Florida.

These three NEW Practice exams, based on authentic Florida DHSMV permit test, will give you a new 220 multiple choice questions and right answers, about rules of the road and traffic signals used in Florida and USA

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If you want to run the exams in your computer, please be aware these files are compressed ZIP files and you will need use an appropriate program (WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc.) to extract (un-zip) these files and the Passwords. Once you do "Click" on the quiz.swf file (a FLASH file), we strongly recommend you open the file using Google Chrome.







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